Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last minute Christmas

OK OK I have relatives arriving in under 3 hours, the house is still a bit of a mess and I am blogging? Priorities?!
But before I get off the internet for a festive cooking related break, i needed to share with you our latest make. If you want to make delightful last minute sweets that involves no cooking, hardly any ingrediants and are so simple a child of 5 can do them, then look no further than:
'Crusty' pear was created using rather air-dried marzipan!
(Using new marzipan is advisable)

Marzipan Fruit

You need:
Some marzipan (left over from icing the cake?)
Food colourings - I always have red, yellow and blue at my disposal, because then you can make green and purple etc.
Cotton buds (or clean small paint brushes, or clean small sponges)
Mini-cases such as Petits Fours cases

To make:
Sit child done in front of the marzipan, which you should probably cut into cubes roughly the right size to fit into the case.
Shape marzipan into pleasingly fruit-shaped pieces. Round for apples, oranges, oval for plums, pear-shaped, log bananas. Go wild!
Add cloves as stalks.

Put some drops of food colouring into white small containers such as ramekins or saucers.
Using the brushes or buds, lightly brush the food colouring over the fruits, You can 'paint' different colours on different bits, be as artistic as you like.
NB: Food colouring does not wash off skin easily, so encourage your children NOT to cover themselves in it. Or they will have blue streaks on their face over Christmas

Put the masterpieces into cute little cases. Leave to dry for an hour or so then put them in an air-tight box ready for serving over Christmas.

 My little girl who is not yet 5 made these completely all by herself with very little intervention, which just shows me not to hover so much - her creations when I am not there are usually BETTER than when I am directing. Such a 'helicopter mom'. Step Back! Step Back!

Enjoy your Christmas and have a lovely holiday                      Dxxx
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