Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Showcase - Latest Purchases!

Instead of merely showcasing the work of a Folksy shop I like this week, I thought that I would share some items that I have bought from Folksy, to illustrate that I really do shop there as well as sell from it, and promote it! I might well witter on about handmade but am I really doing the handmade christmas thing?

I got the gorgeous heart stained glass decorations from my good friend Amy who trades as AmyOrangeJuice. If you visit her website you will see that she also undertakes large commissions and has won awards for her work. These hearts are managing to look pretty despite the dreadful weather also on display!

The ceramic star is one of a couple of personalised decorations that I had made as Christmas presents, which came from a ceramic artist/sculptor maker called Angela Tait. Her Folksy shop, Tait Gallery, is full of lovely small ceramic items perfect for gifts. I hope that the stars will be appreciated as I really love them and hope they will be a treasured keepsake for ever.

If you want to commission something special for Christmas you may well need to get a move on, but why not visit the Folksy shops of these fine craftspeople and see what they have to offer you?
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