Monday, 16 August 2010

Motto Monday has gone all vintage

A slightly different motto day today as I wanted to show off my pattern books that I got at Vintage at Goodwood. Hooray, two Vogue knitting books from the 1950's and a blouse pattern which I had to buy even though it's size 18.

I love the weird logic here, because as all women know, angora is like catnip to men?!?!! I would worry if my husband only loved me because he liked to stroke my........ hold on....(thinks) Maybe there's something in it after all.

This lovely and completely enlightened yarn advert is from Vogue Knit 100, which is completely gorgeous and full of must-knit items but is a bit falling apart, so it only cost me £2. A bargain, surely. Hmmm, it won't upload, so here's a picture.
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