Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday is Motto Day

Todays motto is chosen to remind myself that I must get on and do things instead of wasting it!  Beautiful ceramic  magnets made by Bev Jennings of Bread and Butter
Spent most of the weekend 'teaching' my daughter to play Mario Party on the old Game Cube that my husband had discovered in one of our older unpacked house move boxes. So wrong, on so many levels. But she can now wield a control pad like a pro which in this day and age probably counts as a life skill.
What I should have been doing was: cleaning the house to welcome arrival of mother next week, starting to rescale that blouse pattern I was talking about last week, uploading some knitting patterns I intend to sell, finishing the cardigan for my friends baby that's been 4 months in the project bag, buying a walking foot for my sewing machine, making chutney and plum jam to address the fruit mountain, remounting a picture for the nursery, blah blah blah. Sigh. Time does indeed fly!
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