Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Photo Focus?

I've been trying hard to sort out my photos for Folksy, but it seems that my camera has given up on doing things in focus. Sigh. Why is there always something to buy? Still I have been trying out getting a more unified look, which helps with the appearance of the old shopfront.

Apart from the patchwork recycling effort, I have made some amusing triangular bean bags, which I really like as desk paperweight/stress relievers, but are also good to play with. Another item I will have to make secretly if I don't want them tested to destruction before they go to their new home! They are not up on Folksy yet, all in good time.....

Went on another Fabric extravaganza on Monday, as I found myself with an hour to kill, in the vicinity of FabricLand in Southampton. A lot of cheap and fun fabrics there. Too many. But at least I can now embark on my personal project of a vintage 50s dress as I finally have a piece of fabric large enough. Add it to the list.
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