Sunday, 11 July 2010

Oh Brother!

Had a lovely weekend, mostly spent preparing then recovering from Swanmore Carnival. I had made a few more scrappy fabric sea friends to adorn the pushchair and myself with, as you may see here. Despite our valiant efforts with the sequins, the other pre-school in the village won the prize for best float. Oh well, I think the mums cared more than the children. They just enjoyed waving at everyone from the haybales, and then eating a lot of candy floss. PFB was mucho chuffed about winning some prizes on the stalls. As her prizes were a) a large inflatable hammer with 'sexy' written on it, b) an old ragged soft toy lion from someone's trip to Euro Disney in 1998 c) a Refreshers sweet lolly, we were not so happy! It was well over 30 degrees and everyone had a red lobster look by the end of the day. I did not look into the beer tent but I suspect there were a few casualties................

In between home duties I was excitedly tampering with my new toy, a Brother BC2100 sewing beast, which has so many more functions than my old machine it's going to take some getting used to. Best feature is that it purrs at an acceptably low level - I can sew at night with out little complaining voices filtering through the terrible thudding...! Hurrah!

To that end I have listed a new item on Folksy as part of my patchwork flower series. Check out the latest addition: actual Made by Dolly ribbon labels! I love how proper it makes them look. Maybe one day I'll actually sell something. He he he.
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