Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Patchwork Recycled!

Not long ago, during my clear out before the move, I found an old half (quarter) finished Grandmothers Garden quilt that has been waiting for some love since ..... forever. As I had lost the template I used originally to make its teeny weeny pieces, and indeed, I have two better quilts waiting to be finished, I decided to reassign the blocks to a new life. Keyrings! So what did I do? After carefully unpicking the sewn up blocks, I have put some back to back and padded them to make cute flower motifs with a tag on. I was so keen on them that I even put some in my folksy shop. There are LOADS waiting to be finished, in a variety of colours, and I might make a few bigger chunks into pin puffs. Really pleased to recycle a failed project I would otherwise never have finished.
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