Saturday, 3 July 2010

Happy Saturday!

Just got back from an almost 100% perfect saunter around Bishop's Palace with the babies, and what was on my mat but the fruits (so soon!) of the Noodle Bubble Button Swap. What a lovely selection and they came with chocolate buttons too! Truely a queen amongst buttoners, she who sent them. Am now having button performance anxiety as I hope she likes the selection I sent her!

Actually had a wobble in the post office as I got to the counter and realised I had parcelled them up in a craply fat way so they wouldn't fit through that stupid 'large letter' slot they make you adhere to now. AAAAGGGHH. I unpicked the package (thank god my Mary Poppins-style handbag contains sellotape) and redid it thinner. When I handed it back to the woman, she deadpanned 'Sometimes you have to learn the hard way'. ???!!!! Thank you So Much For That Completely Patronising Comment. Luckily nothing can steal my sunshine. I have bought bright cake tins, sail boat braid, red salad spoons and no food for tea. La di da.
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