Monday, 3 March 2014

Magpie Monday: Sanderson Wallpaper for £1

My local dump is a place of wonder and delight. It's true. Apart from having lots of different areas to help you seperate and recycle all your most random junk, they get all the decent stuff people have thrown away and allow you to buy it back from them. From one corrugated iron hut, it's a magnificent source of furniture that only needs a little upcycling, and all kinds of other great items. This time, I met a girl who had found a bunch of old board games like cluedo, incomplete, that she was going to use to do her wedding invitations and centrepieces (a cluedo wedding - how cool), and I got a big armful of stuff myself. So happy. 

For £3 total, I have got two rolls of Sanderson William Morris Wallpaper, so pretty (I know what I'm doing with it too - I will use it to line the inside of my new wardrobes which we have our bedroom redecorated in a few months time). Also a (new! unread?!) box set of Secret Seven books and a drawing instruction book for my daughter, two interesting old books from the 60s (one on vernacular architecture and one on anatomical drawing) which are in bad shape but I will probably use them for scrapbook or collage materials, a virtually untouched paper dolly book, and a very sweet glass bonbon dish with wheat ears on it.


Keen on this sort of thing?

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