Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Magazine Rack Makeover

This week I have been trying to catch up on a lot of projects that I have had hanging around, some for literally years! I like the fresh energy of the New Year, it always encourages me to try and tie up loose ends and get rid of those half finished bits.

I decided to finally finish upcycling a magazine rack that I received, broken, over two years ago. Last year I found the most perfect MidCentury style fabric that was also a great colour match for some of the furniture I already have in my lounge. Luckily I decided to keep it with the broken rack, so it was all ready to whip out at the opportune moment. Which finally came!

While I was doing it I kept uploading my progress to Twitter, because I was feeling lonely (or attention seeking, whichever). So there are more pictures if you are interested, on the hashtag #magazinerackmakeover.

The plastic covering of the original is a pretty cool pattern, so in the spirit of recycling I will be keeping that for some unspecified project.....

I love it! Now I am feeling the upcycling bug I will roam the house looking for new victims/candidates.

Watch this space!

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