Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Children's Craft Ideas: Fantasy House

Now Autumn is truly here lots of rainy days present themselves asking to be filled up with simple, easy to initiate things-to-do.

I thought that I would share with you a recent activity that has been entertaining my children for hours, which is basically your average cutting and glueing exercise, but maybe also fuels the young/old imagination a bit! 

You need:

Large piece of paper with a house outline drawn on - either by you or your child depending on the age. Add some floors, wall divides or encourage them to do this.

People - you can print out favourite characters from CBeebies, cut them from magazines, draw them yourselves. In our pictures you will see the family from a Milly Molly Mandy Book which we enlarged on the photocopier.

Furnishings - here you need old magazines, catalogues or furniture pamphlets. We also like random bits of fabric, scraps of coloured paper, glitter glue etc.

Safety Scissors
Coloured Pencils/Crayons
Talk!! This is a great activity to give for them to get on with alone, but if you talk with them about what they are doing and ask their opinions on the house layout etc you will have some delightfully screwy chats I guarantee. 

I hardly need add instructions, apart from to say to any perfectionist adults out there - don't let the kids rampant disregard for scale and domestic order upset you too much! A bath in a tree outside, doors on the roof, birds in the lounge, it's all good - take a deep breath, and admire the finished fantasy dwellings......

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