Thursday, 11 July 2013

Only 166 days to go until Christmas!

I sit here in lightweight skirt and blouse, shoes off, slight tan, posting this about Christmas craft and expecting *ducks* some blogland approbrium.

However, I find that there's no time too early to start thinking about Christmas, so I started planning my Christmas decorations this year NOW. Mainly because there is a hope that I might stock some local shops this year and they will want something worked out a long time before December!

Currently I am working on a lovely bevy of Angels, which I am making from a pattern by Gingermelon. That links to her blog which is full of great stuff, but if you want to go and get the Angel pattern yourself, it's on her Etsy. Such a great pattern for using up bits of felt....

Can't resist adding embellishments

Experimenting with expressions

Lots of different colours!

Last year I made lots of felt decorations from my own patterns. My favourites, which I shall be doing again with some improvements (to the face!) were the gingerbread men 

and these buttony trees.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
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