Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Spring Snack Mat

It's true, I do love Pinterest, although I often find it rather a distractions. Firstly, there are all the boards to browse, and lovely things to find, then there are new boards to create blah blah blah. If I have too many things on my 'Sewing ideas for later' my head starts doing funny things. I can't help but see it. well, as another list. And another To Do list is something I can do without!!

But to purge myself of feeling like this, there is an excellent self help group called Pinaddicts who are helping those afflicted as I am with MustDoItAll-itis. If we can do just one of those lovely Pinterest ideas a month, we might feel able to continue on with our lives - amiright? 

So I just have about managed to squeek in to the March category, there being a few craft fair preps to get out of the way first. What I have created this time is a patchwork idea, using strips stitched together in two halves to make a crazy scrap sunburst. It's from Stitches and Scissors as as 'Mug Rug' tutorial Very jolly. And it looks like a great way of using long scraps and left over jelly roll bits etc.  Cos if there's one thing I hate more than a long unfinished To Do list, it's wasted material! 

The completed mat has a plain pink backing and pink bias binding. I used some wadding and quilted in all the ditches which makes quite a good pattern at the back too. 

Quite a spring like colourway. All I need to do now is make 5 more and I have a set of place mats?!!?!

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