Friday, 8 March 2013

Making Curtains

 Although it was task 1278899 on my list of things I want to sew, making curtains for our coldest room (because it has no curtains....) has become number 1 on my list of things I have to sew. My husband is virtually pleading with me to get on with it, I have bought all the stuff (in fact, two years ago) and I seem to have some time. On NO!!

Why I don't like making curtains is, the seams. I am not a big fan of anything with long seams and unmanageable bulk, which is why I have not made a quilt for any of the beds larger than Toddler size. Also, all the interlining and lining and whatnot seems like a terrible faff. But then, I tried some curtains without any lining for the nursery (there's already a blind there) and they are really thin and pointless. 

These curtains let in waaaaay too much light!
However, I then discovered a useful product which seems to have cut down my grief somewhat, a type of curtain lining with interlining pre-bonded to it. At this point in the project this seems like a life saver, and it gives the whole project a more luxurious drape, but the stuff I had could have been a teensy bit wider. Here, I admit,  I was rather a cheapskate and refused to buy 5m extra just so I could have more fulsome curtains. They close, I just would have preferred an extra 5cm or so each side. 

Anyway - here are my curtains - NOT HEMMED! I thought I would let them hang a while before I did that last job. Well, it wouldn't be right if I ever actually completely completed the project yet, would it?!

The fabric is Frederika from IKEA.

What have you made for your house this year?

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