Thursday, 16 August 2012

Curtains curtains

Another brief post as I attempt to raise my head above the parapet of chaos my home life descended into upon the arrival of Child 3. In betweenst dreadful laundry and nappy piles I occasionally manage a little sewing, and have recently been actually busy with real paid sewing. Which makes a change!

Last project to be finished, a desperate plea from my neighbour - she is moving tomorrow and has still to finish the curtains for her daughters room. Correction - she had not started them, as they were an embellishment project and she works full time, 200 miles away, only at home at the weekends. So of course I agreed to help and it was all handed over to me to figure out. Hence I have been frantically basting felt circles onto a velvet curtain. Might I say that although these will be lovely and warm in the childs bedroom they are not ideal sewing for a hot evening! Here are some pictures to give you an idea. Unusual, and I hope, pretty when up. 

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