Monday, 30 January 2012

Chicken Jumpers

 Copyright 2008 Jo Eglen

My mother sent me the most fascinating article clipping through the post today (From SAGA magazine though, sigh) about the plight of bald rescue hens. In the article it showed a number of fabulous pictures of hens which have been provided with natty jumpers by benevolent charity knitters. There aren't so many pictures on the online article sadly, but there's no need as you can go direct to the website of the Little Hen Rescue Centre that needs them. It made me smile to see those poor baldy chooks in their bright sweaters. If you don't knit there's a pattern to make one in fleece.  I note that they are currently well stocked for the knitted variety but if you are looking for a good cause to add to your list of to-dos ... (not me, I can barely lift cup to lip at the moment without some new vital task presenting itself to me. Usually in the form of a nappy)

Happy browsing. x
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