Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wooly Wednesday - Bee Bee Folklorique

Ah the Bee Bee Fashion Knitting book. A book I was given by my grandmother who no doubt bought it in the hideous 1980's from whence it came. A book that has so much bad about it that it becomes a beacon of hilarity. It stands proud on my shelf of old knitting books, not only for its celebrity endorsements (not only Britt Ekland AND Johanna Lumley, but also Rudi Kroll Captain of the Dutch Football team!!) but for the fact that it has just the most eye poppingly awful all-wool combos on offer.

Because this jumper coat cries out for matching leggings
Seriously, if you ever see it in a charity shop, buy it! Let's face it, we all need a laugh. But not without it's Wool-o-meter, an innovation which attempts to take away the guess work in choosing wool, but actually renders the book utterly obsolete if lost. Who's bright idea was that?

But the occasional gem shines out from the general crud, and to be fair to the book with a judicious yarn choice I could probably make most of the garments look like the actually nice chunky knits that are in the shops at the mo'. There's a sloppy cowl neck with gold flecks in the window of New Look at the moment that  is almost definately from this publication! In the 'Disco' section, 'natch.

My favourite pattern is this Lapland style mother and daughter combo. I love the hood. And the shoulder detail. In fact I love the whole folklore thing. I'm just an elf at heart ;-)

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