Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Angel Challenge - February

Only one day late! My Angel Challenge item for (last) month 2 which had to feature an angel printed onto fabric and made up into a 12" block.

Having been mainly incarcerated to the sick room, as nurse (most of the week) and then patient (luck!) it did take me some time to get around to doing this. Also I had to take both my children to Hobbycraft to buy Freezer Paper when they were a bit pukey, so there is some evil mummy karma associated with this. Perhaps that is why when I finally came out of my own pukey bubble, I decided on an almost psychedelically cute theme.

So here, in a horribly murky photo (sorry - dark at my house) is my effort: a girl's pillow as yet unstuffed featuring two cherubs and a lime green 'cutie'.

Stay wellxx

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