Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stylish Bloggers

Look what I got!

I was nominated not once, not twice, but three times!! So thank you to Sugarplum Kawaii, Milliebead and Cards With a Difference

There are rules:
1 Thank the person who sent it.  Done that. I hope you were paying attention!

2 Dare to share 7 facts about yours truly. Huh? OK:
I am a Sagittarius which means I am unwittingly incredibly tactless
I have a wellington boot curse meaning they always wear out or get lost before 6 months 
I recently got my hair cut accidentally like a Bay City Roller
I love cats. But have none. 
I hate washing up. But do it everyday. 
I spent all today cleaning ice-creamy sick out of my car. Which leads us to that last fact:
I am a mum!

3 Nominate 15 blogs and forward the award. Whew! Here we go: 

Amy Orange Juice's Blog
Life Through A Slim Lens
Sew Scrumptious
Cluck Cluck Sew
New Vintage Lady
Flossie Teacakes
Kitschycoo's Blog
Sew Retro
Pukka Pinnies
That Fuzzy Feeling
Lynwood Crafts
Giddy Stuff
Lily's Night Garden

I have tried to chose people who have not been nominated for the award by other people! Actually I could do this all day but 15 it is................. Love you, bloggerati xx
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