Saturday, 2 October 2010

October Folksy Fest - Bring it on!

In an effort to get myself all busy in prep for Christmas I have decided to take part in this months daily listings challenge over on Folksy. Everyday we (the members of the challenge) will post up at least one item each. It's a bit of a personal push, and then we help to promote each other's handiwork. Already after just 2 days I have seen so many great things I will have to keep my paypal hand steady!

The first image is my latest: Christmas Bunny, and then also, a few of the beauties which have caught my eye.

Steampunk Pocket Watch Pendant by London Fogg

Birdy Bag Charm Keyring by Leanne Woods

Brooch by Pants and Paper

Red Reindeer Print by IAlbert
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