Thursday, 28 October 2010

Knitted Egg Cosy Prototype!

I have been trying to fit in a bit of knitting lately but really it's been on the back, back back burner since I started doing more sewing. One project I have been tinkering with is some knitted egg cosys. I wanted to make an i-cord flower thing on top, and have been trying to make my own up from my head, rather than following a pattern. These things seems like crazy talk, I know, considering I am not really a very proficient knitter but I am still fighting mummy cotton wool brain by trying to force myself to think!! Anyway, this is the current model and I think that I am almost there.

This is in Freedom Sincere, a cotton DK from Twilleys that I had knocking around. If I make some more (there is a second one but he is rather more wonky...!) I can use them for all those winter boiled eggs that will inevitably happen. 
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