Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Jolly fabric and (nearly) FOs

It's such a grey day today I thought that I would brighten it up with a sneaky peek at some of the gloriously garish items that I am working on. Cute toadstools fabric, n'est-ce pas? When I was in Truro last month I bought a jelly roll just because, and have finally begun to turn it into a project. I am making a 0-3m size padded jacket in the first instance but there's enough for a few. A cute winter treat for someone? It will probably go onto my shop as my own baby is ballooning, and well supplied for coats.

The giant A is not really quite so huge in real life! It's part of the cheery personalised bunting I am making to add to the nursery, as there are a few large expanses of wall that need jollity. That cake is making me feel hungry...................
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