Monday, 20 September 2010

New Day new dinosaur

Actually had a functional day today and got a whole lot of things done. I put it down to the tiring but oddly rejuvenating effect of having been to two parties in one weekend. This happens rarely and I must point out that they were the sum total of all my social engagements for quite some time! Anyway I soothed my post-hangover hangover (too old) with a batch of spiced apple chutney. Now have three jars in the larder. Yum!

Another sunny cold day today, we've really had to root around and get out the coats from their various hiding places. To my happiness this baby beret that I knitted last year when I was pregnant is actually getting an outing even if I was told it makes the baby look like a gypsy (is that a bad thing? I can't really work out why!).

Have finished a fun new dinosaur friend, inspired by the baby and her love of toys that have a handle on them. We have lost her toucan; she used to love hurling it from the pushchair then watching us all race after it like greyhounds. Now I bequeath the same 'joy' to others by creating this strange big tailed dude, Rex. He's waiting for you in my shop!

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