Monday, 6 September 2010

The holidays are over

As I write this, wrapped in a blanket suffering from some kind of cornish lurgy picked up on holiday, it really feels like the holidays are officially over. We've got school starting, and with it a real big effort needed from me to increase sales and production from out of the current summer doldrums. Still, the last two weeks have been lots of fun and if not refreshed I do at least feel like I have made the most of the holiday.

Doll is an original Clothkits boy. 
Firstly I managed to finish the babies bedroom, which seems amazing as neither of my children had a 'nursery' to come home to when they were born. I painted our dark back bedroom a summery shade of lemon and added some IKEA fabrics and furnishings. The curtains were made from their Barnslig fabric which comes on a 3m roll for £5.99, which is a real bargain! On the whole I am so pleased with the room, it's cute  and didn't take as long as I thought it would.

Also this summer, I managed to pick and make into jam about 3.5kg of plums, all from the one tree. Feels so great to look into the cupboard and see all the red shiny jars waiting to be eaten. Yum! I wouldn't have managed that without my mum, who came round to hold my hand through the setting process! Such a jam wuss.
Then finally we have managed a brief but lovely sunny visit to Cornwall which was refreshing for body and soul (until I came home and was stricken with this flu but hey). The children got all sandy and the baby tried her first ice cream. Happy Days! 
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