Saturday, 7 August 2010

Things to Make and Do

As it is the summer holidays and we have many a moment of 'mum, what can I do now?' I thought that I would share two of the things that we have done in the spirit of passing it on.

Daily Doodles
Firstly, try the Doodle Schmoodle Challenge
over at Betty's Place for a creative drawing activity. I did mine with DDsnr, although it is also for adults to do on their own! OK you have missed about half now, but we found the process of printing off the drawing, discussing ideas, doing it
, then scanning and seeing the work online was fun. And you can then browse the Flickr group to
see others amazing ideas.

Here's our entry for 'If you go into the woods...' :

Dinosaur Gardens
This Second Option is a little more child specific. Although you could modify it with different animals/toys etc

Very Easy! You need:
a shoebox lid or tray
a receptical for collecting things in
some plastic dinosaurs
access to outdoors (garden or park)

1. Get your child to collect some twigs, leaves etc then arrange them in the shoebox lid
2. Put in the dinosaurs, settle them in
3. Play!

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