Sunday, 18 July 2010

Weekend OVER

Sitting here writing this from an unusual perspective - but I am so glad the weekend is over! Nothing like being stuck in the house with two children, no car, middle of nowhere to just tip you over the edge............ Most of the time I love it, but for some reason this weekend I just couldn't handle it. Perhaps because I knew the other half was at a party! Them days are over sweet lady.

I am just moaning now though as I did have guests over on Saturday who kindly played with the children and were very relaxed/relaxing. Thanks guys!

Amusing BLW photo of the week has to be this lovely attempt to eat melon. It was so ripe and squishy, it seemed like the perfect food for a bit of one-tooth-and-a-determined-gum action. Added here the before and after shots of the melon slice, for those non-believers who think no way can a 6 month old baby enjoy melon.
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