Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Wrap Me Up Bib

Spent most of yesterday afternoon tinkering with ideas for bibs. Last baby I weaned, I hated all the rubbish bibs available which were either far too small/big, covered the wrong places, were 'wipe clean only', smeared food onto the child when you were taking them off etc etc. This time I decided to make some of my own and the first one is off the production line. I am pleased to say that I think that I have cracked it, as the bib fastens securely at the shoulders, is fully machine washable, and adjusts from 6m to whenever. The bib can be worn crossed over at first then just over the shoulders to fit a larger child (my 4 year old tried it on and it was fine!). I got the idea and shape from a great book 'Little Clothes for Little People' (Lia Van Steenderen 1987 Exley). I made this one in two cottons for a reversible look. We'll see how it survives the any-day-now puree onslaught!
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