Monday, 31 May 2010

Holiday Inspiration Exhibit B - the shopping bit

OK so when in Wales I couldn't avoid checking out the local produce which mainly meant eating a lot of welsh cakes and Aberdyfi sausages. But I also had a fantastic time poking around in Machynlleth town which has a just brilliant fabric shop (massive! 3 floors. drool) called PS Wheeler Fabrics. I managed to get some really great zingy fleece fabric to make some baby sleeping bags from. I also bought a huge wad of handmade buttons from a FairTrade shop. Couldn't resist. Fabricheads should also try and visit on market day (Tues?) as there was a quilting stall selling a comprehensive assortment of quilters fabric. DH rolled his eyes and went to sit in the bus stop nearby. Anyway, now I have so much welsh largess to make things with I don't know where to start. Also I am pretty sure that the cardigan I am currently making needs 6 identical buttons and the ones I have are in sets of 5. Typical!
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